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A Home Away From Home

Meals and Menus

At Bay Side Home, in Barrington, Nova Scotia, our menu reflects the seasonal abundance of local ingredients and our community members' favourites. Summer brings with it barbecues on the patio decks, salads, and fresh local produce. The fall season sees old-fashion stews and doughboys, hearty soups, and homemade breads with warm cobblers and ice cream.

The Christmas season is bursting with all the traditional Christmas fixings: war cake, gumdrop cake, doughnuts, mincemeat—all the goodies we associate with the holidays. Regardless of the season, the dietary staff strive to make mealtime an enjoyable occasion. "Homemade" and "From Scratch" are our trademarks. We welcome residents’ favourite suggestions and shared recipes. Our menus are centred around the residents’ preferences. Afternoon and evening snacks are offered daily. Tea, coffee, juices, and ice water are always available. 

Residents will enjoy eating in their own dining room within the household setting- just like at home. Dietary needs are assessed by the dietitian or staff, and individual meals will be adapted as required. Staff and guests at Bay Side Home may purchase meal tickets for any of the daily meals. Meal tickets are available at the administrative office and meals can be ordered at the kitchen. Our menu changes weekly, and while we know that everyone has different tastes and preferences, we do strive to balance individual tastes with those of the greater community.

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