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Our History

Before there was a "Home" in Barrington Township, community members took care of the less fortunate by providing them with room and lodging. In turn, the municipality paid the community members on a yearly basis. Then, on March 17, 1887, the Municipality of Barrington in Nova Scotia purchased a property of the late Thomas W. Wilson for the sum of $1,500. This site would then become a new municipal home for the poor.

The property was an ideal location. Apart from a homestead, it had a large, open field suitable for cultivation and a woodlot. It also boasted of a magnificent view of the bay and the neighbouring settlement. On the premises, there were a stable and two outbuildings, which were ideal for workshops, and all had been well maintained. That summer, the Municipality renovated the homestead and transformed the place into an impressive property similar to a medical facility. Most bedrooms were large enough for two residents and the spacious main attic could serve as extra sleeping quarters when needed.

On October 3, 1887, the first residents moved into the new home, with the youngest resident being only 4 years old. A couple, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Purdy, was appointed keeper and matron of the Barrington Alms, and their salary was paid by the municipality. Years later, sometime before 1967, the "Alms" house became known as the Home for the Aged, until, on October 1, 1972, the Home underwent administrative changes, and Mr. Curtis Peterson was hired as Administrator. A year later, in 1973, as the old facility became out-dated, the Municipal Council decided to replace it and build Bay Side Home. Officially opened on November 2, 1975, the new facility housed 30 residents. Its Board of Directors consisting of members appointed by the Barrington Municipal Council and the Clark's Harbour Town Council.

However, in 2000, Bay Side Home experienced a mould problem throughout the facility, resulting in the temporary relocation of all 30 residents to other similar facilities. A complete retrofit was conducted from 2000 to 2001. In September 2001, Bay Side Home re-opened as a 22-bed facility. Eight of the former residents were admitted to the Barrington and Shelburne Group Homes. Then, in 2006, the Department of Community Services turned Bay Side Home over to the Department of Health. With great community support and years of planning and negotiations, the Home had its "Sod Turning" ground-breaking ceremony on September 15, 2009.

But projects from the Home did not stop there. New expansions for the facility began in November of that year. The Home’s residents started their move into the new facility in early June 2011. By late summer, all 62 residents were at home in the newly expanded home.

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