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About Us

Operating as a non-profit entity, we are dedicated to providing a home that emphasizes the quality of life and encourages the continued growth of each member of our community, providing a dignified life worth living for every resident. Our community continues to show their support of our residents, and the expanded home is a source of pride to those in the Municipality of Barrington and the Town of Clarks Harbour.

We believe that every resident is entitled to the best restorative and supportive care. That is why we strive to focus on all aspects of their emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and physical wellbeing, while providing the utmost respect.

Our interdisciplinary team provides care based on the specific needs of our residents. Each of us—from our nursing, housekeeping, maintenance, and dietary staff to our administration, support, and senior leadership teams as well as our medical advisor— perform our duties with this focus in mind.


Bay Side Home exists to provide an environment of exceptional long-term care,

where residents enjoy a quality of life and are given more opportunities to reach their full potential.


We ensure our residents receive care at its best.


Excellence – To ensure quality care, we follow the Eden Philosophy. This means we strive to meet the various needs of each individual in terms of physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual and social aspects.

Respect and Dignity – We keep these two things in mind when working and connecting with every resident and staff member at Bay Side Home.

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