Welcoming Residents ~
The decision to seek admittance to Long Term Care is seldom an easy one to make. We understand the pressures and emotions a family goes through when considering such a decision and we strive to work with and support all parties involved in the move.
The accommodations at Bay Side Home are mainly single rooms with private baths; however there are some shared rooms and shared baths, and some private rooms with shared baths.  We have a small number of adjoining rooms (when available) for married couples.  Room choice is limited to availability at the time of your placement.
At times, it may be necessary to transfer from one room to another or one household to another. This may be precipatated by a change in the level of care required or due to incompatibility of roommates, or by choice. The decision for such moves is made by an interdisciplinary team who considers the best interests of all the residents. Full consideration is given to the effect such moves have on all aspects of the resident's care and life at Bay Side Home in general.
For residents in the community who have not been assessed
for Placement, please contact The Department of Health at
1-800-225-7225 and set up an appointment for an assessment.
Bay Side Home takes new residents as determined by the Department of Health's placement schedule.
The Department of Health and Wellness has several documents available for your information, pertaining to the assessment and placement processes:

You can view their website here: 

You can view the Department of Health and Wellness "LONG TERM CARE" document here:  PDF Document