Resident Services
  • Bay Side Home operates a van for the benefit of the residents at the home. This vehicle is equipped with a wheelchair lift to assist those residents confined to wheelchairs.
  • The van is used to transport residents to shopping excursions, along with social and recreational events in the community.
Mail Services
  • During office hours, 8:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m, Monday to Friday, the Administration Reception desk will provide postal services as follows:

    • Stamps can be purchased
    • Outgoing mail
    • Sort and deliver incoming mail
Mail for residents should be addressed in care of:
Bay Side Home
PO Box 238, 96 Bayside Drive
Barrington, N.S.
B0W 1E0
Church Services
  • Various religious organizations provide regular services at Bay Side Home and are available for the special needs of our residents.  Services are held every Sunday at 2pm in the Common Room, everyone is welcomed to attend.
Newspaper Service
  • The Chronicle Herald Newspaper is available by special subscription through Bay Side Home.
  • Payment for which can be taken from residents' trust account or added to their monthly account.
  • Families can arrange for personal subscriptions to other newspapers (the Coastguard, the Vanguard, etc) to be delivered to Bay Side Home for their loved one.
Hairdressing Services
Hairdressing services are available at Bay Side Home. Appointments can be made through the Hair Salon. Payment will be deducted from the resident's trust account.
Bay Side Home is equipped with a security system to ensure the safety of our residents and staff. After 4:00 p.m., all doors are locked and exit and entrance is gained through a keypad system.  Please inquire of the household staff for assistance with after hours access. 
Fire Safety
Fire drills are conducted once a month, outlining various scenarios to ensure the proficiency of our staff when dealing with emergencies. Visitors will be advised of the proper procedures by on duty staff.
Pastoral Care
Bay Side Home recognizes the importance of spiritual care for all residents. Efforts will be made to accommodate the religious needs of each resident. Some of the services offered through Pastoral Care are:
  • Regularly scheduled weekly devotional & Bible Study
  • Weekly Worship Services
  • Memorial services
  • Attending to the spiritual needs of the dying.
  • Special services can be arranged through our recreation department.