Being a resident of Bay Side Home means many things ~ 
Here are some quotes from current residents- they say it best:
Some quotes from our residents:
Upon welcome to Bay Side Home several things will happen, one of the most important will be a meeting with our team who will get to know the new resident, their medical history, physical needs, social interests, any dietary needs they have, how to best make them feel at home, and other important personal information.
No two days are ever exactly the same here at Bay Side....
There are no 'set' times to get up, no required bed time. 
 You can choose your meals daily, we offer two selections for each of the three meals (see Meals and Menus); there are daily activities to participate in if you wish and many opportunities for social interactions (see Our Events Calendar). 
We offer bi-weekly library program, daily fitness programs, planned outtings- bowling, special sight seeing trips to local areas, trips to the ice cream shoppe; cooking on the households, visits from friends, concerts & music, trips down memory lane through old photos and stories of days gone by, and special trips and events as opportunities present themselves. (See Recreation Opportunities )
Residents and staff enjoying
some baking time.... 
cookies are always a favorite!
Our home is set up to be just that- a home, your home.
Residents are invited and encouraged to be a part of the bigger community of Bay Side Home, but they also have their own quiet and personal space. 
Each resident's room is designed with their comfort and needs in mind.  Residents can relax and watch TV, read a book, catch up with the family with a daily phone call, entertain visitors in their own room or enjoy the neighbourhood living room with fireplace and flat screen TV or sit on the covered patio decks as the weather permits.
(Read about the EDEN PHILOSOPHY for more details on how the expansion was designed for maximum living and comfort).
Visits are encouraged and visitors are welcomed.  But just like in any community, sometimes our residents like their privacy and personal space, and all visitors are asked to respect their wishes. (see When I Come to Visit FAQs for more information)
Community interaction is greatly encouraged.  Residents find old friends and make new friends on the neighbouring households. Sipping a mid-afternoon cup of tea, sitting out on the covered patio, or playing a game of cards ~ these are always nicer when enjoyed with a friend.
Bay Side Home is also about quality daily care for each resident, and that is provided through our wonderful multidisciplinary teams of RNs, LPNs and CCAs;  physiotherapist, physio aide, occupational therapist, registered dietitian, and recreation director,  in concert with our visiting physicians.   
We affirm the Eden philosphy that each person's needs are multifaceted- physical, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual and we strive to effectively meet the needs of the whole person at Bay Side Home on a daily basis.
Ask us how you can become involved in our Bay Side Community life