Recreation Programs and Services at Bay Side Home
We provide a wide variety of recreational activities on a daily basis, each designed with a particular goal in mind.
There are six areas of importance that are covered by the Recreational Department, they include:
  • Recreation
  • Education
  • Religion
  • Work
  • Self Improvement and maintenance
  • Social Interactions and relationship building
While not all residents will be interested in every service or program, we do encourage those who are interested to participate to their fullest scope.
If your loved one has a particular interest not yet covered, please feel free to communicate their preferrences to our Recreation Director.
Some Activities We Currently Offer: 
Carpet Bowling
Bowling Outings
Cards & Games
News & Nails Group
Musical Entertainment
Canteen Services
Bible Study Weekly Church Services
Video Library
Baking on the Households
Shopping Trips
Quilting/ Sewing
Sight seeing Drives
Visits to the Ice Cream Shoppe
Tea Parties Visits with/from other Homes
Birthday celebrations
One on One Visits 
Seasonal Activities: 
BBQs/Picnics                                     Drives to see the Christmas Lights
Christmas Parade                              Seasonal Parties/ dances
Christmas Concert                             Easter Concert    
If you think you might be interested in volunteering your time and skills please contact Jennifer Spencer, the Recreation Director at 637.2098 ext. 1052