Information & Policies          
Families and friends are encouraged to visit as often as possible.  We are 'open' 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week. However, after 4pm our entrances are locked and admittance or exit is gained by way of a keypad/ buzzer system.
Family gatherings with your loved one can be arranged with advance notice through our Recreation Department.  For small gatherings we can offer use of our family room, if available.  For larger gatherings the Common Room may be reserved.
If a resident requests assistance during your visit please advise the nursing staff.  Nursing is trained to assist residents safely in all aspects of their care.
For additional visiting tips, please see "When I Come to Visit"
Eating with a Resident: 
You are welcome to come and enjoy meal time with your family, to order a meal prepared by our kitchen please purchase your meal ticket at the Administration Office and place your order as soon as possible with either the admin staff or household staff. 
If you'd like to take your loved one out for dinner, please check with the Nurse in charge for the proper check-out procedures.
Family and friends can bring in food items for their loved ones. 
We request that all food be prepared prior to it being brought in for the resident.
All such food is required to be labelled and stored safely. 
Food which has been brought in for a loved one cannot be shared with other residents.
If in doubt, please check with the staff for any dietary restrictions/ texture modifications that may prevent your loved from safely enjoying your treat.
Smoking is permitted for residents only and only within the specially designated "Smoking Room" to the left of the main entrance/ lobby.
Visitors are asked to smoke, if possible in their vehicles. Please do not litter.
Fire Safety:
Of utmost importance to the well being of all our residents and staff, monthly fire drills are conducted by the maintenance department.  If you are visiting during a drill, stay where you are and follow the direction of the staff member in charge.  Our fire plan can be viewed at any time.  The building is equipped with alarms and a sprinkler system in all resident rooms and throughout the building.
Less scent makes good sense.
Some Bay Side Home staff and many residents have respiratory difficulties and sensitivities to scents so please be considerate and be 'scent-free' whenever possible.
Telephone & Cable TV:
Resident's rooms are equipped for telephones and/ or cable TV reception. Bay Side Home will provide telephone sets and service for a monthly fee.  Cable TV is available for a monthly charge and TV's can either be purchased by the family or provided by the Home (subject to availability)- TV's must be flat screen and wall mounted and must meet certain size requirements- before purchasing any TV for a resident room, please check with Administration for size specifications.
All furnishings within Bay Side Home are required to meet fire rated regulations,  therefore most home furnishings are unacceptable for resident use here.  While residents are encouraged to bring special momentos from home to decorate their rooms, all other room furnishings are provided with the room by the Home.  These include:  bed, pillows, linens; night stand, lamp, chair, bureau.
Animals/ Pets:
 The residents of Bay Side Home have greatly enjoyed the company of the homes' cats "Ocean, Stitch and Candy Cane". While the cats are friendly, they too enjoys their own space and quiet time. We also have 2 Guinea Pigs "Oink & Squeak", located in the Common Room along with a few fish in the fish tank. Free to roam within the confines of the Home you may meet one of our pets on your next visit.